My Role

I was the lead UI + UX Designer for this component of Promotions Management. I worked closely with developers and programmers to bang out a user-friendly tax processing experience.


The Promotions Management platform (enterprise application software – SaaS) allows users to create, schedule, and manage promotions, including liners, contests, remotes, and public service announcements. The solution includes role based management for workflow management.

The Challenge

One of the big problems on this platform was 1099 tax processing. Initially running 1099 tax processing for users was a chore on this platform. You’d have to run reports individually and through a broken interface that sometimes resulted in a support ticket. My challenge was to take a totally new approach to processing 1099 tax forms for the individual and in bulk, and to make it easy for any user to process taxes for the year for anyone who won prizes for events or contests.

The Process

Collaborating with the team of programmers and developers helped me hone into what worked and what didn’t from a functionality standpoint. We also utilized user research interviews that allowed us to gain imperative insight on what they needed for the new interface. That user information was the driving point and what ultimately helped frame a better tax processing experience. I also researched the way large consumer tax programs like TurboTax and QuickBooks handled the tax process and I used some of the creative ways they housed complex information and served it to users in a way that limited confusion.

The Solution

After combining all the user data and feedback from the team deciding to break down the process in 6 easy steps was almost a no-brainer. The intention was to take away the frustration and confusion of running 1099 forms for prize and contest winners and create a simple human-centered way to processes taxes. Using the framework that Promotions Management already had in place and creating other components specifically adhering to the tax process is how the UI ended up focused and unique to other experiences in the app. Keep things light and the information in chunks was the approach that seemed to work best.

The Results

After the launch of the new 1099 tax processing flow the tickets to support for taxes was limited by 80%, which in turn limited the previous overhead of support that was required to help organizations with their taxes. View the final page UI below.

View Final UIView WireframesView UI Components

Additional deliverables:
  • Promotions Approval and Scheduling
  • Contest and Event Management
  • Tax Handling
  • Calendar and On-Air view


Technologies used:
  • Mockflow
  • Marvel
  • Conceptboard
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Sublime Text 3